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From Tok to Fairbanks

July 12

Fairbanks is a little over 300 kilometres from Tok. We knew we could take our own time and drive slowly. Damon and Maggie prepared a lovely breakfast for us. It was a home cooked meal consisting of an ommlette, a meat pattie and a bread-scone. We were chatting to them while having breakfast. They are very friendly and told us about the places of interest in the area.

We expected the road to be very busy. Once again there were very few vehicles on the road. Just before Delta Junction we saw the name board of Delta Meat and Sausage Company. This is one place we were planning to visit. We stopped at the Meat and Sausage Factory and tasted their sausage samples. They specialise in making ready to eat sausages using beef, pork, elk, reindeer etc. Their claim their beef is free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics. The fat content is supposed to be low and all the sausages are processed and packeted ready to use. They also sell Elk, Reindeer and Buffalo sausages. We bought several packets to be used on our way. Unfortunately we cannot bring them back to Australia.


Our next stop was at Delta Junction. This junction is the official end of Alaska Highway. From there onwards, it becomes Richardson Highway. We stopped at the Delta Visitor centre. We bought three certificates that certify we have visited Alaska.
Richardson Highway turned into a dual carriage way when we were coming closer to Fairbanks.


About 10 kilometres before Fairbanks, there is a village called North Pole. We know the true North Pole is way above Alaska but in this village there is a shop called Santa Claus House. They sell Christmas decorations throughout the year. In this village, all the streets are named to show some connection to Christmas. We stopped at this place and bought some Christmas decorations. There are some live Reindeers in a wire fenced area. There is a real Santa sitting in the shop and any one who goes there, poses with him and takes a picture. We followed the tradition and took some pictures.




When we were closer to Fairbanks, we saw a place that undertakes glass repairs. We stopped the car and asked them whether it is possible to fix the windscreen glass. The mechanic looked at the damage and said it is not possible to repair it. The only solution is to replace the windscreen. We tried to call Avis from the repair shop, but there was no one to take our call. The mechanic said we can continue to use the car and get it fixed when we are ready to do so. Our plan is to use the car as it is and then
Get Avis to fix it when we come to a place closer to Vancouver or just hand over the car with the damaged windscreen. We paid additional money and took full insurance to cover all damages, when we took the car and our insurance should take care of this problem.

At Fairbanks, we booked into Holiday Inn Express. Fairbanks is a big city spread over a big area. The population of Fairbanks is more than 32,000 and is the second biggest city in Alaska. Holiday Inn Express is in an area where there are some big shopping centres. We found a good Thai Restaurant and had early dinner there.

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Those sausages sound great, I'm sad that you can't bring them back to Australia! I really want to try them haha

by Janahan

Unfortunately we may not be able to bring any kind of meat product back! Maybe we can if it's vaccuum sealed? I'm not too sure...It's a shame because it's so tasty. Maybe we can try make it when we come home :) Or plan another trip to Alaska ;)

by fernando65

Aaaah no not reindeer sausages!!! You might be eating Rudolph.

by smilypie

Naw we ate Blitzen...cause he g0t blitz into a sausage. trollol =\

by fernando65

lol mal you need your own account it looks like dads commenting but saying weirdo mal stuff

by smilypie

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