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Bear Sights, Sign Post Forest and Northern Lights!!

July 21,22

Buckshot Betty Restaurant

We Started from Beaver Creek after breakfast at Buckshot Betty. We were returning from Alaska and moving South towards Vancouver. The distance from Beaver Creek to Whitehorse is roughly 457 kilometres. We knew this patch of road on the Alaska Highway was not in the best condition. There were many patches with lose gravel. We had to move slowly on those patches. We also had several delays due to road construction.

Our first stop was near a spot where we could have a good look at Kluane Lake. It looked beautiful showing the reflection of the distant mountains and the sky in the water.

Small ducks in the Kluane Lake

We stopped at a few other places, and finally arrived at Whitehorse around 3:00PM.
We have already spent three nights in Whitehorse on our way to Alaska. This time it was only one night. We stayed in the same hotel SKKY. There is a good restaurant near the hotel called Airport Chalet. We had dinner at this restaurant.

Next morning we started our drive towards our next destination Watson Lake. The distance from Whitehorse to Watson Lake is roughly 453 kilometres. We have not seen any big wild animals for some time. We only saw a small ground squirrel at Whitehorse.

Small ground squirrel on the road

On our way, there was a restaurant called Jake’s Corner. They are famous for their freshly baked Cinnamon Buns. We stopped at this restaurant and bought some cinnamon buns (which are completely drenched in heavy sugar syrup!).

As were driving slowly looking for any photo opportunities we saw a brown bear by the side of the road feeding on small plants. We stopped the car, but the bear ignored us and continued to feed on the plants. I think there were some wild berries on these plants and the bear was eating these berries. Malisha managed to take some photos and also do a video clip showing the bear eating the berries. We will post the video clip later if it is not too big to be uploaded.

Brown Bear feeding on wild berries

We spent about ten minutes observing the bear till it finally walked into bushes and disappeared. We knew there could be more bears on the road. We were more alert and looking for bears. If you are not looking, and driving at a high speed, you can easily miss the bears. We were lucky again. Within one hour Malisha saw another black bear. This time it took a little time to stop the car and we have already passed the bear. Luckily there were no vehicles on the road and we turned our vehicle and came back to see the bear still waiting and feeding. It was a black bear and Malisha managed to take a few photos. We waited there watching it for some time and suddenly the bear did something we have never seen them doing before. He went near a light post and stood up on its hind paws and rubbed his back against the light pole. Malisha was trying to take photos and also do a video in between. She managed to take a photo of the standing bear and the video caught the last bit of his action.

Black Bear looking straight at us!

We briefly stopped at the Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre. They have a video show and some exhibits to show the history and culture of native Tlingit people, but we had to excuse ourselves and leave the place as we were running out of time.

Near Tlingit Heritage Centre
We arrived at Watson Lake around 4:00PM and it was very sunny and hot. That day, the temperature had gone up to 31C in Watson Lake. The first thing that captured our attention in Watson Lake was the Sign Post Forest. This was started in 1943 by Carl Lindley a soldier who wanted to post his home town post. Others who came from all over the world continued to add their sign posts and now there is a sign post forest.

Signpost Forest at Watson Lake

How Signpost Forest started

We checked into a place called A Nice Motel to spend the night. This hotel is behind the gas station and we had to book two rooms as they did not have rooms for three people. The rooms were clean, but when we look at the facilities provided, we paid too much for the rooms. The internet was not working and the hotel telephone in our room was not working and it was extremely hot in a room that had no air conditioning.

There is a Northern Lights Centre in Watson Lake. It is a planetarium where they have daily shows to explain how the Aurora Borealis or better known as Northern Lights occur. Aurora Borealis is normally seen in Alaska in winter time. The show at the planetarium gave a three dimensional view of this spectacular phenomena and explained the reason for its occurrence.

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Awesome bear pictures mal!

by Janahan

[Mal] - We have an incredible picture of a bear that i'll show you when we get back! It was such a rare and special moment - we didn't want to post it up publically :)

by fernando65

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